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Soil Association - Certified Organic Teas

Tea fields of Nepal with soil association logo

Our Organic Teas

We source organic certified teas and infusions, and we are certified by the Soil Association to store, pack and distribute organic-certified teas, undertaking yearly audits to validate our processes. Our organic teas carry the Soil Association Organic logo.

The best teas come from gardens that work with nature and support biodiversity, limiting the use of agrochemicals and protecting local communities by following sustainable practices. Organic certifications are a fantastic guide for consumers and a guarantee that products are made in an environmentally responsible way.


Supporting Our Smaller Producers

 As well as larger certified organic estates, we also source from small, family-owned farms that we know use natural pest-control and encourage biodiversity. Unfortunately, the organic certification processes are onerous, long and export-orientated, which means that many small producers are not able to go through them and gain certification, despite using ancestral and sustainable methods.

As stated, we believe that the best teas come from carefully managed gardens that look after local communities and the environment alike. This is why we will continue to source from the makers that work tirelessly to produce the most exquisite and sustainable teas.