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Luxuriously creamy and whipped to perfection: say hello to our collection of antioxidant-rich brews! We’ve gone beyond the clichéd chai latte to bring you beautifully smooth powdered teas made from superfood ingredients such as matcha, turmeric and beetroot. Shop our online store to discover the most delicious way to enjoy a nutritional boost.


About Our Tea Lattes

Only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from around the world, are selected for use in our range of premium powdered lattes. Ground to perfection, our collection includes caffeine-free options that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Indulge in our gently spicy Turmeric Latte, made with medicinal turmeric root; or our beetroot-based Ruby Latte, packed with minerals and vitamins and which looks amazing in a glass. Need a sustained feeling of focus along with your antioxidant hit? Try our Matcha Latte, which is particularly dense in healthy plant compounds and offers a gentle, slow release of caffeine that helps promote a sense of calm.

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