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Tea Discovery Collections

For those who want to learn more about tea and explore the huge variety of flavours within each region or type without having to purchase large amounts of unknown teas, our Discovery Collections are ideal. Each collection features five exceptional tea samples representing the length and breadth of flavours from the type or region and, once you know what you like, all are available in larger quantities.

Classic Green Tea Discovery Collection


If you’re new to green tea but would like to explore the categories most popular teas, then this set is ideal.

Contains Five Teas

Oolong and Herbal Tea Discovery Collection


Considered halfway between black and green tea, Oolong has an incredibly distinctive flavour. Explore its most popular offerings within this collection.

Contains Five Teas

Premium Green Tea Discovery Collection


If you’re already familiar with the most popular Green Teas but would like to explore its most refined flavours, then this collection is for you.

Contains Five Teas

Classic Black Tea Discovery Collection


Expand your knowledge and fine-tune your black tea preferences with this collection that includes our customer favourites.

Contains Five Teas

Premium Black Tea Discovery Collection


Uncover so much more to your traditional black tea brew by exploring other flavours you never thought existed within this collection.

Contains Five Teas

Fruity and Rooibos Tea Discovery Collection


Discover your perfect alternative to sugary juices and cordials with our full-on flavour fruit infusions collection. Enjoy hot or cold.

Contains Five Teas

Festive Tea Discovery Collection


Warm up this season with our selection of festive teas. This pack includes our popular Christmas tea blend to Chai of Madagascar to give you a variety of flavours. Share this collection with your loved ones or treat someone as a gift.

Contains Five Festive Teas