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Popular Gifts For Tea Lovers

Can't find the perfect gift for a tea lover? Look no further than our most popular gifts, including everything from luxury teabag collections to lacquered matcha bowls.


No matter who you’re buying for, you can’t go wrong with our classic tea caddies, available in box sets containing your choice of black, green, herbal, fruit or festive-themed Christmas teas.

If you want to round out the luxury loose-leaf experience for someone special, meanwhile, we know of no more stylish tea gift than our Tea Infuser Gift for One, including an elegant mug made from ultra-strong borosilicate glass.

Want the wow factor? Then choose our Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set, containing handcrafted green teas which ‘bloom’ when immersed in hot water.

And if you’re looking for a healthy green tea gift set, take a look at our stunning Complete Matcha Set – it contains all you need to prepare a brew of this antioxidant-rich green tea powder, including a traditional whisk and bowl.


Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set with 10 Bulbs

From €45,95 for Classic Teapot

The perfect gift for tea lovers. Contains Flowering Tea Bulbs* made from the finest quality green tea and a choice of glass teapot to enjoy the visuals of blooming tea.

Includes: Glass Teapot & Flowering Tea Caddy

The Complete Matcha Gift Set

From €59,95 for Modern Ceremonial

Everything a matcha fan could wish for is in this elegant set, from spoons and a bamboo whisk to a beautiful bowl for prepping this healthy green tea powder.

Includes: Everything to get started with Matcha

Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set with 5 Bulbs

From €26,95 for Infuser Mug

The perfect gift for tea lovers. Contains 5 Flowering Tea Bulbs* made from the finest quality green tea and glassware to enjoy the visuals of blooming tea.

From: Fujian Province, China

Trio Of Tea Caddy Collections

From €34,95 for Herbal Tea

Choose three caddies of loose-leaf tea from The Tea Makers of London and receive them in a stylish gift box – perfect for anyone who loves a luxury brew.

Includes: Three Caddies of Tea - Gift Box

Premium Teabag Chest Selection

From €10,95 for Black Tea

An assortment of a dozen luxury teabags, individually wrapped and presented in a smart gift box – perfect for friends or colleagues.

Includes: Teabag Chest - 12 Wrapped Premium Teabags

Tea Infuser Mug Gift For One

From €19,95 for No Tea

Made from ultra-strong borosilicate glass, our stylish Infuser Mag comes with a caddy of luxury loose-leaf tea. An ideal all-in-one gift.

Includes: Mug - Tea - Gift Box

Infuser Teapot & Tea Caddy Gift Set

€59,95 for Easy Glass Infuser Teapot / Black Tea

Give the gift of an easily made, quality brew with our Easy Infuser Teapot or Magic Tea Infuser, paired with four sample size caddies of luxury loose-leaf tea.

Includes: Easy Glass Teapot - Tea - Gift Box

Tea Advent Calendar


It's finally here...our very first 25 Day Luxury Tea Triune Advent Calendar. Enjoy the festive season one cup of delicious tea at a time!

Includes: Teabags - Tea Bulb - Gift Box

Chocolate and Tea Pairings Gift Set


The Tea Makers of London have teamed up with Pump Street Chocolate to bring you a selection of the best tea and chocolate pairings in one heavenly gift box.

Includes: Teabags - Chocolate - Tasting Card - Gift Box

eGift Card

From €11,92 for £10.00

For the tea lover in your life, our eGift vouchers come with instant delivery and allow that special someone in your life to explore the world of speciality tea and discover their next infusion.

Tea Making Gift For Two

From €65,95 for English Breakfast

Combining our luxe Easy Glass Teapot and Double Walled Glass Mugs with Hourglass 3 Minute Tea Timer, this stylish kit is all a person needs to prep a perfect brew.

Includes: Everything to get started

Deluxe Wooden Envelope Display Box

From €71,95 for Black 6 Compartments

Class and convenience come together in this statement-making collection of limited-edition luxury teabags, offered in a beautiful wooden gift box.

Includes: Display Box - Teabag Envelopes

Complete Loose Tea Hamper

From €143,95 for Healthy Herbals

The complete gift pack for tea lovers, this luxury hamper combines elegant glassware and essential brewing accessories with four favourite loose-leaf teas.

Includes: Timer - Glasses - Teapot - Perfect Tea scoop - Tea

Refreshing Jasmine Candle

Refreshing Jasmine Candle

From €15,95 for Travel Tin 80g

Picture yourself walking through a spring meadow, the sun shining down on fresh petals.